5 New Patriots Who Should Have Huge Roles

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It's that time of year where the sporting world really sucks. The MLB all-star festivities start Monday which means Wednesday there will almost be nothing going on in the sports world. We're still a few weeks out from training camp, and that means that were stuck with predictions and speculation for a while. Despite a couple of blips this has been a very uneventful off-season for the New England Patriots and I just want football to come back, and I want it bad. So as you may have guest this another blog about more predictions, and I'm more breaking down an interesting article I read on Patriots Wire talking about six offseason acquisition who should have huge rolls on the Patriots this season. I'm going to try and be brief when I give my analysis on the six players they mentioned, but I agreed with the article and everything it said. The guys I'll be talking about is Punter Jake Bailey, Running Back Damien Harris, Tight End Matt Lacosse, Wide Receiver N'keal Harry, and Defensive End Michael Bennett. Patriots Wire also discussed the impact of Jerod Mayo, but for today I'm not going to talk about any coaches and just stick with the players.

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